The flavor carrier of Aroming Plus can be used in many ways. For use in the Shsisha you can either use our Aroming Booster or any other commercially available liquid. Pour in, stir, ready to use.

Aroming Plus can also be used for a special fragrance experience in your rooms. For this purpose, the Federal Office for Risk Assessment issued the food safety according to §36 / 1 and 36/2. Further documents can be requested.



The application is manifold. Take 100g of any liquid and pour it onto the carrier material, stir and the product is ready to use in the Shisha for aroming.

Application 1: : Place the opened jar in the room. After 30 minutes, a pleasant fragrance will have spread throughout the room. By closing the lid the scenting can be interrupted. If used without interruption, the fragrance lasts 8 weeks.

Application 2: If you want to have a more intensive fragrance experience, take a petri dish with stand, spread 15g evenly on the surface and place a tea light underneath. If used continuously, the fragrance will last 2 hours.

Application 3: Aroming is the enjoyment of the pure aroma through the non-pulmonary breathing technique. This means that the aroma vapour is not inhaled into the lungs, but is absorbed into the oral cavity and slowly blown out through the nostrils. The aroma is absorbed by the nasal mucous membranes and develops its optimal effect. Inhalation into the lungs is undesirable because some of the aroma is absorbed there, thus reducing the flavor.

Please note the following points to enjoy pure aroming:

Fill the head only so far that Aroming Plus does not touch the aluminum foil. Afterwards, an aluminum household foil is placed over the head opening. As charcoal carrier we recommend the type "Only 1", use it according to the enclosed instructions. Use a pointed object to poke holes into the aluminum foil exactly where "Only 1" has its holes. Then turn the base plate of the "Only 1" so that the holes are no longer visible. After adding a charcoal and putting the lid on the "ONLY 1", wait 10 minutes to bring the system to temperature. Then the aroming can start.

Additionally, we have lowered the boiling point of our humectant to about 110 degrees. By heating with only one charcoal and lowering the boiling point, gentle aroming is possible. Patent pending number 20020018.6 The lid and the head must not be moved during the aroming process. The session must be ended after 45 minutes. Aroming Plus is not suitable for smoking or vaping. Only by mixing with a commercially available liquid an aroming-capable product is created. The carrier material is reusable. The product can be used in portions in applications 1, 2 and 3.